This is CPR for the Church

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As a leader this guide is made for you, your staff, and others to help grow an ecosystem that supports a culture of prayer.

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Video footage from MercyGate Church in 2022 when revival happened as written in

CULTURE PRAYER REVIVAL: This is CPR for the Church


All Teams Handouts

Prayer Models

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Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson

Global Pastor of The Oaks Founder and CEO of The Father Initiative

“Don’s book is your GPS to help you navigate your people to the presence of God where you’ll sense the anointing of the Spirit drip into the lives of everyone in your church.”

Mark Cuprick

Mark Cuprick

in Ohio

“Fifty-seven pages into Culture-Prayer-Revival and I have highlighted and circled more in these pages than I can remember in any other book !!

Pastor Keion D. Henderson

Pastor Keion D. Henderson

Senior Pastor of The Lighthouse Church of Houston

“Matthew 21 is clear, God wants His house to be called the house of prayer. Much has been done in this world to dissuade His desire.

Thank God that the author of this book CPR Prayer has seen fit to give life to one of the original commands of Christ.”

“If you think your circumstances are too big or too bad, then you need to meet my God.”

While your current situation may seem too dire for God to fix, His Word says otherwise. God is a God of miracles and can make even the seemingly impossible possible.

In In The Meantime, pastor, husband, father, and miracle-recipient Donald Gibson shares his incredible testimony of pain, faith, suffering, hope, and perfectly timed healing from the Lord.

Through this powerful story of God’s intervention, readers will:

  • Better understanding God’s biblical promises.
  • Trust the Lord in all circumstances.
  • Sow seeds in every season.
  • Remain hopeful through even the most difficult periods of life.

It’s time to stop living with fear and start living with faith. Trust in the Lord for the miraculous to occur!

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Culture, Prayer, Revival and

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